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Fill Your Prescription Anywhere Anytime

RXLink is a Free prescription application that connects patients to their local pharmacy
to easily fill and refill prescriptions with the click of a button!

Why Use RXLink App?

Download the Free RXLink App from Apple or Google stores and register in minutes. Filling your prescription is as easy as taking a picture and sending to your local pharmacist.

  • No need to visit your pharmacy to fill prescriptions. With RXLink, you can fill prescriptions from the comfort of your home.
  • Just download the Free RXLink app from Apple or Google stores on your smart phone.
  • Insert your local pharmacy name during registartion to get connected to their system.
  • Use your smart phone camera or photo library to upload a photo of your prescription to your pharmacy.

Enjoy the convenience of easy and fast prescription fills for delivery or pickup.

Free Mobile App

iOS and Android application with easy signup. During registration process you will be asked to input the name/address of your pharmacy. Once registered you can fill prescription quickly and efficiently from your local pharmacy.

Web Portal

In addition to the mobile app, you can access the system through our website by going to and login with your userid/password.

Chat with Pharmacist

Send and receive messages to your local pharmacist in REAL time. Have a question and don't want to wait for 30 minutes on the phone. Send a message to your pharmacist through the App and she will come back with your answer quickly.