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1. What is RXLink?

  • RXLink is the most advanced Pharmacy Prescription software system and mobile application. It connects patients with their local pharmacy and allows for quick and easy prescription submission, refills and communication with the pharmacy.
  • 2. How does it Work?

  • Pharmacies that sign up will have their own unique code to share with their patients. Patients will download the RXLink App from the Apple and Google AppStores then enter the pharmacy's code. This will then connect them to the pharmacy and allow them to easily submit prescriptions and refills to the pharmacy .
  • 3. How will the pharmacist know when there is a prescription?

  • Each pharmacy will be provided a unique userid and password to login to the system. When a patient submits a new prescription or refill, the new prescription - along with all the patient details - will be available to the pharmacist in this system.
  • 4. Will I get an alert when a prescription or refill is submitted?

  • Yes. The system is configurable to allow the pharmacist to receive a email or SMS alert when a new prescription is submitted and awaiting processing.
  • 5. I have several pharmacists working at my pharmacy, will they have to share the same userid/password?

  • No. You can setup several individual pharmacist accounts, each with their own userid and password. Note that there is only 1 administrator account which has the ability to add or remove pharmacist accounts.
  • 6. Is there anything to install or backup?

  • No. The system is run securely in the cloud, which means there is nothing to install on your local computer. All you need is your userid/password and you can access it from the pharmacy, home or anywhere. Furthermore because it is running on the most advanced amazon cloud system, it is securely backed up on a continuous basis, so you do not need to run any backups.
  • 7. Can I use my own Brand Name and Logo?

  • Yes, there are two options. The first is to use the RXLink App (which is already available on the Apple and Google Appstores) with your own Brandname and Logo. In this case your Logo and Brand will be visible to the patients when they enter your pharmacy code in the App. The second option is to create a brand new Mobile App with your own brand name (see next question for more details).
  • 8. Can I create a dedicated Mobile App just for my Pharmacy?

  • Yes. We provide the option of creating your own mobile app with your own brandname and logo on the Apple and Google App Stores. This option is available with the Ultimate plan and will require a 2-3 week setup time. Please contact us for more details.

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